Well I put this small page together just because so many of my friends really think man landed on the moon.  I feel strongly that it never happened and have gathered these links to help those few that will look at this page make their own informed decision.  My friends in Korea are the hardest to convince.  Some of them hate America just because their own speed skater got called on a rule that doesn't belong in a short track race.   I think Speed skating should be like Roller Derby and Ohno would have lost for sure in a Takwondo skating competition.  Wonder what they will think when they see they have believed a lie for 30 years.  I say, if you can get an entire world to believe a lie for 30 years then more power to you.  Guess the more power thing is the point of it all.

And for those that think we didn't

        Moon Hoax

                   More Moon Hoax

Going back

For those that think we did

NASA numerous anomolies and scams allowed

Moon the world

Galactic Guide


One more

Other Links

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